Ridmus Alpha offers reliable alternative to glue boards

News (United Kingdom)
House mouse feeding on crumbs

Fast knockdown Ridmus Alpha rodenticide now offers professional pest controllers a viable and practical solution to the effective loss of glue boards for tackling invasive mouse populations in sensitive areas.

The enacted Glue Traps (Offences) Act now limits their licensed use to very few specific scenarios, and puts prohibitive restrictions on their use in practice in England, warns Syngenta Business Manager, Richard Moseley. Furthermore, it exposes pest controllers and businesses to exorbitant fines and extreme reputational damage for any misuse.

Richard Moseley

“Ridmus Alpha provides a realistic alternative for instant results, where conventional anti-coagulant rodenticides maybe too slow to act,” he advises.

“With its ultra-fast action to target mouse infestations, in most instances mice die within centimeters of taking the palatable bait." 

"Control rates can be easily quantified for customers, as well as being easy to clean up carcasses of pests in sensitive situations.”

Its use includes domestic and commercial areas where instant results are required, including food preparation or public access areas. Richard points out that Ridmus Alpha can be placed in situ and checked at the controllers’ convenience, compared to glue boards that must be inspected every few hours.

“From a pest controllers delivery point of view, that makes Ridmus Alpha a far more attractive option for dealing with emergency call outs - over and above any typical contract arrangements.”     

Ridmus Alpha 8g in bait box

Reports of pest controllers experience with Ridmus Alpha has seen excellent results from a single mouse in a domestic situation, to large infestations in commercial properties. 

Trials have shown higher levels of acceptance by mice, along with working at warmer environmental temperatures that have previously challenged fast-acting mouse control options.

Ridmus Alpha is based on the highly palatable bait matrix of the renowned Talon Soft XT, ensuring good results in challenging situations. Requiring very low ingestion rates to achieve fast results, just a tooth-scratch in the bait is typically sufficient for mouse control with alphachloralose. 

Soft paste formulation shows tooth marks of mouse bait take

Since it is not an anti-coagulant rodenticide, Ridmus Alpha is available for professional pest controllers to buy in single 300ml tubes, if required. The product has long shelf life, making it convenient to carry for control of all emergency mouse infestations. 

A complete ban on glue boards is now in place in Wales while glue board legislation in Scotland is still undergoing parliamentary scrutiny.