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Professional Pest Management

Pack size: 
2.5kg Box
5kg Box
10kg Box
Block Bait
Mode of action: 

Talon®Waxblocks are manufactured with a fine particle matrix of ground, high quality cereal grain, cast in moulds with even distribution of the active and the bait. This allows greater durability than conventional compression moulded blocks, which typically contain large cereal grain particles. Attractive to rodents, the high palatability encourages sufficient consumption for the single-feed kill. Talon®Waxblocks are ideal for use in baiting rodent burrows, buildings, grain and food stores, as well as wet environments, including sewers and drains. The central hole in each block allows them to be easily secured in baiting stations and prevents rodents carrying them away.


Long-lasting, single-feed rodent control

Key Features

  • Contains brodifacoum, which is effective against both resistant rats and mice
  • Single-feed kill
  • Fine particle matrix of ground high quality cereal grain
  • Highly attractive to rodents
  • 20g block, for accurate bait placements

Key Benefits

  • Extended durability, especially in humid or hot conditions
  • Resistance breaker: proven control of resistant rodents
  • Reliable: only a single feed is required to kill all rats and mice
  • Single feeding reduces exposure, labor and cost
  • Highly versatile and easy to use

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Sewers and drains

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