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Professional Pest Management

Pack size: 
300 gr Tube
Paste Bait
Mode of action: 

Talon®Track is a new solution that allows the identification and tracking of rodent activity. It displays the same high palatability as Talon®Soft, without the active ingredient. When used in combination with Talon®Soft it allows great continuity when transitioning from a tracking to a controlling phase.


NEW reliable monitoring solution

Key Features​

  • Allows the detection of rodent activity
  • Encourages rodents to enter bait stations and feed on the bait
  • Enables better success rates of rodent control programs
  • Optimizes rodenticide use and allows PCOs to have an integrated and responsible approach to rodent control

Key Benefits

  • Minimal bait use and maximum cost effectiveness
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Light to carry

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