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Outcast®Ant Bait Station

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Professional Pest Management

Pack size: 
3x4 gr Bait Station
Chemical Family:
Activity Group: 
Group 22 Insecticide
Gel Bait
Mode of action: 

Outcast® Ant Bait Station is a self-contained ready to use ant control gel bait, for use by both professional pest controllers and households. The simple to use bait station is instantly activated, by tearing off a tab and squeezing the gel into the bait compartment. Strategically placed in areas of problem ant activity, the highly attractive ant control bait remains contained within the station, where ants will readily feed. The gel bait stays moist and attractive to ant feeding – helping to achieve effective control of colonies.   


Key Features 

  • Control of all key ant species  
  • Highly attractive, homogenous formulation 
  • Contains indoxacarb, the only member of its class of chemistry (Oxadiazines) 
  • Bio-activation of the active ingredient by the insect enzymes 
  • Favourable environmental profile 
  • Patented bait station design 


Key Benefits 

  • Ready to use bait station  
  • Pre-filled with proven ant gel bait 
  • Effective ant colony control 
  • Quick and easy application 
  • Adapted to a variety of use sites: residential, commercial, industrial, public and institutional, indoors and outdoors 

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