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Advion®Ant Gel Bait

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Professional Pest Management

Pack size: 
30 gr Syringe
Chemical Family:
Activity Group: 
Group 22 Insecticide
Gel Bait
Mode of action: 

Advion®Ant Gel bait contains Indoxacarb in a highly palatable gel bait formulation designed for indoor and outdoor control of key ant species.


Powerful, fast-acting ant control

Advion®Ant Gel is an innovative technology that can be used in a variety of sensitive situations for effective ant control. It contains indoxacarb, a unique active ingredient which is bio-activated to its highly insecticidal form by the ant’s metabolism, balancing targeted ant control and environmental impact. Advion®Ant Gel is designed to fit all ant feeding preferences. Whatever the species or the season, it remains highly palatable and provides reliable, broad-spectrum ant control.

Key Features

  • Advion®Ant Gel bait targets all key pest species of ants
  • Highly attractive, homogenous formulation
  • Adapted to all ant feeding preferences
  • Contains indoxacarb, the only member of its class of chemistry (Oxadiazines)
  • Bio-activation of the active ingredient by the insect enzymes
  • Favourable environmental profile
  • A true gel formulation, the ideal viscosity for all situations

Key Benefits

  • Innovative and powerful tool for broad-spectrum ant control
  • Thorough control of the ant colony
  • The translucent, odorless, non-staining gel formulation maintains its integrity for extended periods
  • Adapted to a variety of use sites: residential, commercial, industrial, public and institutional, indoors and outdoors

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Sensitive areas

Personal Protective Equipment
  • Protective clothing and gloves
  • "In case of an emergency (24 hour contact) call +44 1484 538 444"