Ridmus Alpha proves effective at higher temperatures

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House mouse feeding on crumbs

Ridmus Alpha is a ready to use, fast acting ‘knock down’ bait for use indoors against mice (Mus musculus - House mouse, adults and juveniles). The preparation is designed to bring heavy infestations of mice under control quickly, and efficiently.

While the product label states Ridmus Alpha will achieve optimal efficacy at low room temperatures i.e. preferably at 16⁰C or lower, in practice excellent efficacy has been achieved at much higher temperatures.

During field trials it was used in temperatures of up to 32⁰C, and still produced outstanding results.

When consumed by mice, the bait containing alphachloralose as the active ingredient (3.996%w/w) acts on the central nervous system by slowing metabolism and lowering body temperature, to a degree that may be fatal in small mammals.  Given this mode of action, it is well reported that alphachloralose is more effective at lower temperatures. 

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However, in field trials bait points containing Ridmus Alpha were placed in a boiler house where the temperatures were measured over a period of days and found to be between 25⁰C and 33⁰C. For each field trial carried out it was found that Ridmus Alpha proved highly palatable, with excellent take and in many cases showing immediate effect.

Ridmus Alpha 8g in bait box weighed

A total of 63 bait boxes were deployed. The treatment lasted seven days, by which time there were no signs of any further bait take. This is typical of an alphachloralose treatment, as opposed to a prolonged anticoagulant treatment where bait consumption may continue for a month or more.

At the end of the trial, post-treatment take was down to zero – proving effectiveness in higher temperatures and also that the bait intake in the trialled areas declined by 100%.

No further mouse activity was identified by the research team at the end of the trial period.

To sum up, although the label states that the product Ridmus Alpha is more effective at lower temperatures (below 16⁰C), the field trials carried out demonstrate that the product also proved to be effective at temperatures in excess of 16⁰C. Therefore, this makes it still a good option for effective control of mice, even when temperatures are warmer.

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