Going, Glowing, Gone – see fast results with new Syngenta Talon® Glow

News (United Kingdom)

Containing the same single-feed brodifacoum active across the Talon range, the new formulation gives complete resistance breaking control for challenging rodent populations.
Talon® Glow offers a new level in precision targeting pests, by enabling operators to identify when populations of rats and mice have taken bait - through the level of faeces showing the UV tracer - and to remove bait accordingly. 

Launching the product ready for the autumn rodenticide season, Syngenta Professional Solutions Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot, said the technology is an important step in the effective stewardship and best use of brodifacoum baits. 

“The UV tracer is a useful tool to give confidence in the results, and to demonstrate to customers how effective Talon Glow has been,” advocated Daniel.

“It will be an extremely valuable addition to the growing family of well proven and popular Talon rodenticides.” 

The name Talon Glow was selected by PCO’s at the PPC LIve event earlier this year, as a name that best reflected the users’ benefits of the product.  


Along with the quickly established Talon M, introduced last year, Talon Glow offers another <30ppm brodifacoum bait to the Talon range. The easy to use clean sachet delivery is a first for a Talon product in the UK.


Trials have shown excellent palatability of Talon Glow, with preferential feeding over other available foods. Research has shown 100% control of both rats and mice that have consumed Talon brodifacoum baits, with an average of only 2.2g of bait consumption required to kill rats and just 0.4g for mice with the <30ppm formulation.  

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