Syngenta appoints Richard Moseley to expanding pest management team

News (United Kingdom)
Richard Moseley

Richard Moseley has been appointed to the expanding Syngenta Professional Solutions pest management team. His newly created role of Commercial & Technical Manager will support key customers and businesses across the UK and Europe north-west.

A former technical manager with the BPCA and at Bayer Environmental Science, Richard has a wealth of experience across the industry, from practical pest manager through to multi-national corporate responsibilities for pest control in the food industry.

He is renowned for introducing innovative new products to the pest control industry, along with the business support and practical advice to help develop truly effective integrated control strategies.

Richard has also been widely involved with legislative and regulatory decision making, to ensure the industry gains access to important new products from Syngenta’s pioneering R&D investment programme.

“Throughout my career in the pest management industry there have been challenges and concerns to cope with the changing conditions and pressures on pest controllers and businesses,” said Richard.

“Syngenta has a strong reputation for high performance products and is committed to delivering effective solutions across an expanding sector of the pest control industry."

"I very much look forward to working closely with all its customers across the industry.” 

Richard’s appointment will further expand the Syngenta pest management team, including Technical Manager, Sean Loakes, along with Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot. Richard’s role starts on 1 August 2022, including the introduction of exciting new digital pest solutions and an expansion of Syngenta’s products for the rural farm pest market.

Daniel Lightfoot added: “We are very fortunate to have attracted Richard to join and develop the dedicated Syngenta team that will continue our growth and expansion of the industry-leading pest management business.

“He is incredibly well respected across the industry and will ensure our distributors and customers have the highest level of support to achieve reliable results for their businesses and their customers.”