New Syngenta Pest App adds easy to use features

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Syngenta Pest App

The new Syngenta Pest App has added a hoist of useful features for operators. It now enables pest managers to instantly create a full track of call outs and to record precisely what has been used and where.

The intuitive recording system allows operators to quickly set up notes of the challenges faced and document what they have done for any job. Operators’ own pictures can be added to the report as a proof point for customers and repeat visit checks.

In addition to full Syngenta product information available through the App, users can add in other products they might opt to select in a treatment programme. 

The report can be stored within the App for future reference, emailed to customers for service support, or back to the office for record keeping and invoicing.

Syngenta Professional Solutions UK business manager, Daniel Lightfoot said: “Effective record keeping is integral to strong customer relations, good business management and the reliable stewardship of products. The Syngenta Pest App now makes that quick and easy. 

“Designed for mobile phone or tablet, it provides easy access to the most up-to-date information that can help to follow treatment protocols and effectively solve customers’ pest problems,” he added.   

All the information on statutory product label and safety data sheets are conveniently held within the App and instantly accessible. 

It also provides operators with advice tips and guidelines on of best use of products, application rates and a quick calculator for the amount of product required to treat different levels of pest infestation.  

Short instructional and practical videos give guidance on what to look out for when assessing pest infestations, along with advice on how to treat in different situations. 

The Syngenta Pest App contains a wealth of pest control information for pest managers on the move including:

  • Details about Syngenta products, with labels and safety data sheets
  • Product mixing calculator to help ensure the right amount of product
  • Educational videos
  • Record treatment details and generate reports
  • Syngenta contact information

The Syngenta Pest App is available for Apple or android devices. Existing users can simply update the version used, or download the App for free here:

Google Play download link