Advion Case Studies

Case Study: Basel, Switzerland – August 2018

An ant army has been found on the exterior grounds of a hotel and previous attempts

Ants on tree

Case Study: Bobenheim-Roxheim, Germany – Summer 2018

For more than two years, the life of a village in Germany has been interrupted and

Case Study: Strasbourg, France – February 2018

Imagine living with a cockroach infestation for over 18 months. Besides the smell

Case Study: Bobenheim-Roxheim Part 2 – Ant supercolony

Faced with a supercolony of ants in Bobenheim-Roxheim, its decision time. The


Case Study: Bobenheim-Roxheim Part 3 widespread application of Advion®Ant gel

The residents of Bobenheim-Roxheim have agreed a way forward to extinguish a highly