Case Study: Strasbourg, France – February 2018

Imagine living with a cockroach infestation for over 18 months. Besides the smell, the dirt, the annoyance, and the health hazards, there are many other reasons to keep the cockroaches out of our homes, and it is a terrifying reality shared by so many people.

This is David Borell, of Radical Pest Control in France. He’s received another 

call from an alarmed homeowner in Strasbourg. After living with a cockroach infestation for months, getting worse every day, and having tried every possible method to eliminate the problem without any success, she decided to try one
more time. Her apartment was in a building, where long-term cockroach infestations were common. She was concerned about her health and that of her children.

David entered the home for the first time to discover a heavy cockroach infestation. Urgent action was required, and he quickly got to work on treating the home with a gel to attract the cockroaches.

The gel is extremely attractive, including in situations where food sources are consistently present. But the challenge isn’t just about getting rid of the cockroaches that eat the gel. It is about trying to eradicate the population of cockroaches in the vicinity. David knows that one syringe of the gel can have devastating effects on an infestation. These cockroaches will transfer the insecticide to multiple cockroaches in the harbourage. For each cockroach feeding on a bait point, a total of 54 cockroaches can be killed. This results in exponential control of cockroaches, where one syringe could kill over 1 million of these unwanted pests.

The work of David and other pest control operators has a big impact in keeping our homes safe, and with the cockroach infestation now gone, the homeowner in Strasbourg can happily continue her life uninterrupted.

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