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Demon Max

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Insecticide, Insecticides

Professional Pest Management

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Liquid Sprayable Emulsifiable Concentrate
United Arab Emirates

Product Overview

Takes knockdown and long-lasting termite and pest control to the max

Demon® Max insecticide is an industry-proven general pest control product that provides quick knockdown and residual control, as well as a termiticide that is a powerful soil pretreatment against termites.

Key Features

  • Features dual-action perimeter applications with the active ingredient cypermethrin to control general pests
  • Cost effective product with dependable results 
  • Fast acting formulation with quick knock-down 

Key Benefits

  • Is a multipurpose product that can be used indoors in crack-and-crevice treatments, and outdoors for both termite and general pest control
  • Can be used for pre- and post-construction termite treatments in residential and commercial structures as a soil application, wood surface, injection treatment or foam 
  • Powered by the active ingredient, cypermethrin, for broad-spectrum control of more than 30 pests.