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Advion WDG Insecticide

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Professional Pest Management

Pack size: 
10 gr Sachets
Chemical Family:
Activity Group: 
Group 22 Insecticide
Dry - Sprayable Water dispersible granule
Mode of action: 
Saudi Arabia

Advion®WDG offers a new way to be more targeted in your approach to insect pest control and is an outstanding tool to help your customers to live their lives free from the impact and risk of pests.


Targeted Insect Pest Control

Advion®WDG is a versatile non-pyrethroid insecticide that provides effective and flexible control of pyrethroid-resistant insects in residential and commercial areas. Thanks to the unique mode of action of indoxacarb, its active ingredient.

Key Features

  • Contains Indoxacarb (Oxadiazine chemistry) - only sprayable chemical in its class
  • Bio-activation of the active ingredient by the insect enzymes
  • Controls flying and crawling insects such as ants, cockroaches and flies
  • Favourable environmental profile
  • Non-repellent 

Key Benefits

  • Helps manage populations of insects that are resistant to other chemistries
  • Ideal for use in IPM and resistance management programs
  • Flexible control of key insect pests
  • Can be used in combination with baits

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Residential and commercial areas

Mixing and spraying

Refer to Label for further instruction

Water volume

1 L

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