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Activity Group: 
Group 28 Termiticide
Class of danger: 
SC Suspension Concentrate
Mode of action: 

Its mode of action is unique. Unlike other termiticides, which target the nervous system, chlorantraniliprole targets termite muscles. When a termite comes into contact with ALTRISET their jaw muscles lock, quickly preventing them from feeding.

United Arab Emirates

Altriset® provides comprehensive protection from termites through innovative chemistry. 

The latest innovation in liquid termiticide chemistry. 


Effective and long-lasting with an excellent environmental profile, Altriset® termiticide is the latest innovation in liquid termiticide chemistry that is changing the face of termite control one home at a time

Key Features

  • Features a non-repellent formulation that stops feeding within hours of exposure; termites’ mouthparts become paralyzed shortly after contacting treated soil, and damage ceases soon after
  • Its delayed toxicity means exposed termites that have stopped feeding can still walk, groom and aggregate in groups for an extended period of time, increasing the chances for Altriset to spread among colony members.
  • Provides timely control that lasts -- laboratory observations showed that when non-exposed (recipients) termite workers of R. hesperus were put together with exposed termites (donors), 100 percent mortality of both exposed and unexposed groups was observed within seven days. Horizontal transfer of the active ingredient for total colony control.

Key Benefits

  • New active ingredient (chlorantraniliprole) with a unique mode of action
  • Very low impact on non-target beneficial organisms
  • Halts termite feeding within hours of exposure
  • Excellent residual performance up to 9 years
  • Effective against subterranean and drywood termites

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Class of danger


Mixing and spraying

Low Infestation 2.7 ml /1 Liter of Water
High Infestation 5.4 ml / 1 Liter of Water

Water volume

100 Liter
500 Liter

  • In the event of a toxic or transport emergency Call 01484 538 444