Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Advion Ant Gel

Which type of bait gun can I use with Advion®Ant Gel?

The size of the Advion®Ant Gel cartridge fits many standard application guns available on the market. Nevertheless, the B&G Multi-Dose bait gun is one of the most robust and precise ones.

Where can we apply the product? Could we apply in the food processing industry? In a restaurant?

Yes, the product is labelled for application indoors and outdoors, in sensitive areas such as food-handling establishments, hospitals, schools, all residential and commercial areas, as well as on buses, trains and aircrafts. Please refer to the label and directions for use.

Could we apply the product in dry or wet conditions?

Yes. Dry or humid conditions will not affect the attractivity of the gel or the efficacy of its active ingredient. When used outdoors, ensure the product is applied to areas that are inaccessible to wet washing or wash-out by rain. The label states the product can be applied in areas as hot as 50oC.

Is the gel dangerous for non-target species?

Not when the product is stored, transported, used or discarded according to label recommendations.

Is there any restrictive use for each target?

Nothing related to a specific species. Please read the directions for use and precautions.

What is the consistency of the gel?

Temperature and humidity are contributing factors to the consistency of the gel. In colder conditions the gel will harden faster, whereas hotter, more humid climates will cause the gel to remain sticky for longer. Very high temperatures (e.g. near an oven) should be avoided as this could make the gel become runny.

Is the cartridge anti UV?

The product is not affected by UV light, however do not store in direct sunlight.

How often should we treat a flat?

If the eradication program was successful and re-infestation does not occur, re-treatment is not needed. However, in an apartment complex with possible infestations within the vicinity, preventive treatments are recommended every 3 months.

Is the gel respectful of the environment?

Thanks to the bio-activation process which is driven by insects’ natural enzymes and only takes place in their bodies, Advion® can differentiate between target insect pest and non-target species such as mammals. In fact, non-target organisms either do not have the necessary enzymes to degrade indoxacarb or primarily degrade indoxacarb to inactive metabolites via alternative routes.

Advion® only becomes an insecticide once it has been bio-activated by ants, which is why Advion® has a favorable environmental profile. It is authorized for both indoor and outdoor use, plus it is packed in a 100% recycled and recyclable PET clamshell.

Where do I have to dispose the cartridge after usage?

As per local country laws and requirements for biocidal product packaging disposal.