Syngenta has created the SecureChoiceTM remote detection system for smart rodent monitoring.  

SecureChoice is a cutting-edge plug-and-play solution that enables cost-effective rodent monitoring, 24 hours a day.

The pioneering technology system alerts pest professionals only when there is rodent activity in a monitored area – helping to deliver targeted rodent control in any facility.

The SecureChoice hub is at the heart of the system, featuring best-in-class connectivity for accurate and reliable rodent detection, without relying on corporate networks.

The hub connects wirelessly to receive activity from networks involving up to hundreds of rodent detector sensors. It is scalable to customer accounts of any size.

SecureChoice sensors can be fitted to any existing bait stations or bespoke monitoring points.

The use of dual sensing technology ensures accurate detection and avoids unnecessary site visits.

Once rodent activity is detected, alert notifications are sent directly in real time, as well as being viewed on a digital on-line management dashboard.

The SecureChoice management dashboard gathers monitoring data at the pest professional fingertips, with easy access from mobile devices or computer.

The intuitive displays make data easy to interpret and act upon, with advanced reporting features for effective contract management and customer communication.

Data analytics includes useful features such as heat mapping rodent activity and automatic report generation for audits and client meetings.

SecureChoice remote detection helps professional pest management business of any size deliver efficient data-driven rodent control, creating value for both pest professionals and their customers.  

SecureChoice is the world’s smartest rodent detection technology.

Watch the video here for more information or email to discuss what remote rodent monitoring could do for your business.