Pest Management Portfolio

Our portfolio of targeted products has a trusted reputation. With a comprehensive range that includes insecticides and rodenticides for use in residential and commercial premises...


Actellic® 50EC

Actellic® 50EC is a highly flexible product recommended by the WHO Pesticide

Actellic® 300CS

A micro-encapsulated formulation of ACTELLIC® for the long-lasting control of

Advion® Ant Gel

Advion® Ant Gel is an innovative technology that can be used in a variety of

Advion® Cockroach Gel

Advion® Cockroach Gel bait combines a highly attractive, proprietary gel formulation

Advion® Fire Ant Bait

Advion Fire Ant Bait is effective and fast-acting.

Icon® CS

For the first time, micro-encapsulation technology has been deployed to achieve new

Advion® WDG

Advion® WDG is a versatile non-pyrethroid insecticide that provides effective and


Outstanding performance against a wide variety of ants, cockroaches and houseflies

Demand® CS

Demand® CS insecticide with iCAP™ technology is an advanced generation, proven


Icon® EC

Icon® EC is a broad spectrum, non-systemic insecticide with contact, residual and

Zyrox® Fly Granular Bait

Zyrox® Fly granular bait is the most attractive and longest lasting solution for the

Icon® Maxx

Icon®Maxx is the innovative long-lasting treatment for mosquito nets and curtains.

Optigard® Ant Gel

Optigard® Ant Gel Bait insecticide is a clear, odorless ant gel bait with an


Optigard® Cockroach Gel

Optigard® Cockroach Gel offers pest management professionals an additional tool to


Klerat® Pellets

Highly palatable formulation containing brodifacoum creating outstanding acceptance

Klerat® Waxblocks

Klerat® Waxblocks are ideal for use in baiting rodent burrows, buildings, grain and

Talon® Pellets

Talon® Pellets use the power of brodifacoum, in a highly palatable formulation with


Talon® Soft

Talon® Soft is available in a 300g tube and is a paste-like formulation delivered via

Talon® Waxblocks

Talon® Waxblocks (20g) are manufactured with a fine particle matrix of ground, high



Altriset® provides comprehensive protection from termites through innovative

Demon® Max

Takes knockdown and long-lasting termite and pest control to the max