Syngenta PPM free mobile app is now available

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Syngenta Pest Management App contains a wealth of pest control information for pest managers on the move such as:

  • Record treatment details and generate reports
  • Product mixing calculator to help ensure the right amount of product
  • Details about Syngenta products, including labels and safety data sheets
  • Educational best use videos
  • Contact information for local Syngenta territory managers and distributors

“We know that pest management professionals spend a lot of time outside of their offices” explained Andy Bywater, Global Head of Marketing for Professional Pest Management at Syngenta. “That’s why the Syngenta Pest Management App provides easy access to information from a mobile phone that can help them follow treatment protocols and effectively solve their customers’ pest problems.”   

“It’s essential for operators to keep up to date with the latest information on all product use and guidelines” continues Andy Bywater. “The App ensures they always have the information readily to hand.”      

All the information on statutory product label and safety data sheets are conveniently held within the App and instantly accessible. 

It also provides operators with advice tips and guidelines on of best use of products, application rates and a quick calculator for the amount of product required to treat different levels of pest infestation. Where appropriate, the App can provide information on tank mixes and spray volumes, for example.  

Short instructional and practical videos give guidance on what to look out for when assessing pest infestations, along with advice on how to treat in different situations. 

In addition, built into the App is convenient and easy to use record keeping facility, enabling operators to record precisely what has been used and where.  

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The Syngenta Pest Management App is available in Emirates, France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom


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