Syngenta launches new SecureChoice remote rodent monitoring

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Syngenta SecureChoice

Syngenta has introduced its innovative SecureChoice™remote detection system, for smart rodent monitorin, in Saudi Arabia. The system will be on show live at Big 5 Construct Saudi (26-29 February 2024)

Digital monitoring offers a more proactive approach to tackling potential rodent problems by identifying where and when activity occurs, to enable more timely control actions to prevent outbreaks. The remote sensing technology ensures the constant surveillance of facilities for rodent activity and fully recorded provenance of a clean site.

The pioneering technology system alerts pest professionals only when there is rodent activity in a monitored area – helping to deliver targeted rodent control in any facility, according to Syngenta’s PPM Digital Lead, Gary Nicholas.  

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“The exciting technology enables far more efficient use of the pest professionals’ valuable time." 

"It gives the opportunity to engage with more customers and provide a higher level of service, including time for in-depth inspection to find the root cause of infestations, faster resolution of issues and future prevention,” he advised.

Where rodent control action is required, the digital monitoring dashboard directs professional operators straight to the point of pest entry, for more time efficient and cost-effective remedial action, with the minimal interference. Working with a pest control business offering digital monitoring provides an extra tier of security and confidence for effective rodent control.  

Syngenta’s SecureChoice is a cutting-edge plug-and-play solution that enables cost-effective rodent monitoring, 24 hours a day. It can be installed direct by facilities managers during construction and refurbishment work, or retro fitted in and around  any existing facility – particularly inaccessible areas that are often difficult to monitor, but favoured by rodents. The system can also be installed as part of a contract with a professional pest business engaged with protecting the site. 

The SecureChoice hub connects wirelessly to receive and send data and alerts from any number of sensors. It is scalable to customer accounts of any size.

SecureChoice sensors can be fitted to any existing bait stations or to Syngenta bespoke monitoring points. The use of dual sensing technology, picking up both rodent motion and vibration, ensures accurate detection, allowing pest professionals to better understand the behaviour of the rodents, ensuring rodent activity is controlled efficiently and effectively.

Once rodent activity is detected, alert notifications are sent directly in real time, as well as being viewed on a digital on-line management dashboard.

SecureChoice is the world’s smartest rodent detection technology, advocated Gary. 

“It supplements a pest professional’s experience with a level of knowledge and transparency that just isn’t available by traditional pest management alone."

“The SecureChoice management dashboard gathers monitoring data at the pest professional’s fingertips, with easy access from mobile devices or computer. The intuitive displays make data easy to interpret and act upon, with advanced reporting features for effective contract management and customer communication.”

Data analytics includes useful features such as heat mapping rodent activity and automatic report generation for audits and review of rodent control performance. The combination of data analytics and machine learning allows for predictive analysis, which can help to identify potential pest issues before they become significant problems.

The whole system is designed to be easily maintained and kept up to date with future-proof technologies. The senor batteries, for example, have a nine-year operational life. 

“Our cloud based remote detection system helps professional pest management business of any size deliver, sustainable, efficient data-driven rodent management, improving value for both pest professionals and their customers,” he added.

For sustainability and stewardship SecureChoice demonstrates a pest control businesses commitment to responsible pest management and use of rodenticides. It reinforces the level of service compliance and highlights the investment in modernisation by embracing change and innovation. 

SecureChoice works in tandem with the Syngenta Pest App, to offer a comprehensive digital solution for today’s professional pest control businesses. 

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