Use the Power of Brodifacoum

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KLERAT: Less is More
Dealing with rodents is easy with single-feed solutions like KLERAT wax blocks – not to mention much more cost-effective.

The key to getting results and saving money, though, is knowing how to use your product effectively. To help, here are some top tips to keep in mind when using KLERAT to treat rat and mice problems.

Remember that a little goes a long way
Research shows single-feed solutions require far less bait compared to multi-feed solutions on the market.  A lethal dose of KLERAT’s active ingredient, brodifacoum, is as low as 0.2g for mice just 12% of their typical daily feed intake and 1.3g for rats – just 5% of their typical daily feed intake. Although rodents may feed for up to 3 days, the first feed is normally lethal, with death occurring around 4-7 days after consumption.

Space your baits apart from each other
KLERAT wax blocks don’t need to be set up close together; for maintenance situations, up to 30m apart is usually enough to be effective. But when it comes to the actual eradication look at the activity points and place the bait stations accordingly. This makes KLERAT a very economical way to deal with rodents.

The science also backs this up: studies show KLERAT uses 90 per cent less bait to achieve 60 per cent better efficacy compared to bromadiolone solutions, and 75 per cent less bait than difenacoum to achieve over 25 per cent better efficacy.

Use a ‘pulsed baiting’ technique
Built on knowledge of typical rat and mouse behaviour, pulse baiting is when small amounts of bait are put out at weekly intervals. Using this method deliberately prevents rodents from consuming more than a lethal dose, which allows you to deliver quick control with less.

Be accurate with your data
Keeping accurate data on your bait stations – how far apart they are, how much you use, how quickly its eaten, any changes in rat activity – will help you hone your rodent management system.

For example, if you notice all your bait is gone, then you know to increase the amount next time. Conversely, if there’s some bait left, you can work out how much bait is being consumed each day and adjust your dosage and intervals accordingly.

Place your wax blocks close to rodent activity
You’ll get the best results with KLERAT if you place your baits in places where rat and mouse activity has been noted, such as warm, dark and quiet areas with droppings, gnarl marks, rub marks and urine stains.

You aren’t limited to indoor areas or good weather either. KLERAT can be used outdoors as well as indoors, thanks to its uniquely molded wax formulation. The blocks are also moisture resistant, weather resistant and HACCP certified.

Keep the baited area clean and store your products correctly
To prevent mixing waste products with fresh rodenticide, it helps to carry a broom and a container to place waste material in when doing weekly inspections. Also, make sure you leave KLERAT wax blocks in their original container, and store in a cool, well-ventilated area. Storing any unused blocks for prolonged periods in direct sunlight can affect its longevity.