Talon Soft XT provides a new solution for effective rodent control

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Since rodents live in such close proximity to humans, they can cause major problems for people. Not only are they a health risk, transmitting more than 35 pathogens*, they can cause physical damage by contaminating food and feed or gnawing on structures. That’s why it’s important for pest control operators (PCOs) to select products that are effective and provide the control customers want to see. To control difficult rodent populations, it’s important to select a rodenticide that’s highly palatable and efficient.

That’s why Syngenta introduced Talon® Soft XT rodenticide, a new formulation that offers a convenient solution for treating difficult rodent populations with an enticing bait formulation that can help PCOs save time and money. This rodenticide is a paste formulation that can be easily applied with a caulking gun, which allows PCOs to make fast, precise applications. This can mean less wasted bait and less time spent cleaning out partially consumed baits.

Additionally, it can be effectively applied to damp areas as its formulation is stable in moist environments and across a wide range of temperatures.

When there are readily available food sources, it can be difficult to entice rodents to choose a bait over other food supplies. However, Talon Soft XT has demonstrated high palatability whilst in the presence of alternative food sources. This means PCOs can use Talon Soft XT on jobs where other food sources might be available, like food-handling facilities.

Outstanding rodent control with 25 ppm formulation

Talon® Soft XT provides an alternative to the 50 ppm strength found in Talon Soft rodenticide. The 25 ppm formulation has demonstrated outstanding field results, making either an excellent option for control, especially in places where a lighter-strength formulation is necessary:

  • Rat field trials showed 91 - 99% efficacy
  • Mouse field trials showed 94 - 95% efficacy

Both formulations can stand up to rodenticide resistance by controlling rodent populations with first-generation rodenticide resistance such as coumatetralyl and second-generation rodenticide resistances such as difenacoum and bromadiolone. To date, no brodifacoum resistance has been reported globally, despite being in the market since 1978.

PCOs can confidently use Talon Soft XT knowing it will control rodent populations in several difficult scenarios. For more information, contact your country business manager.

*The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010

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