The importance of IPM in preventing farm pests

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From harassing animals to spreading disease, pests like flies and rodents can cause huge productivity and profitability problems for farms raising livestock like cattle, poultry and pigs. By combining environmental factors, like good hygiene, with effective products as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) approach, pest control operators (PCO) can help increase their chances of keeping customers’ farms as pest-free as possible.

Keep it clean

One of the first steps to eliminating pest populations is creating an inhospitable environment for them. Customers can play a key role in helping PCOs keep pest populations down by:

  • Keeping moisture content low
  • Cleaning every seven to 10 days
  • Maintaining the water system
  • Preventing high temperatures
  • Keeping bins with food sources closed and secured
  • Removing broken eggs and dead birds daily on poultry farms
  • Using screens and mesh to keep flies away from animal units
  • Preventing pest access to breeding sites
  • Removing potential breeding sites

Introduce reliable products

A hygienic environment is only half the battle when it comes to farm pest management. An IPM approach also requires effective products to knock down pests and keep them at bay. A formulation like Zyrox®Fly Granular Bait will attract and provide long-lasting control of flies with the following benefits:

  • Offers a unique active ingredient never used in fly control
  • Provides effective control, even at a low use rate

When customers are dealing with rodent infestations, they need an effective rodenticide that can be applied in a variety of scenarios with the power of brodifacoum. Syngenta offers Talon®Pellets, Talon®Soft, Talon®M, Talon®Glow and Talon®Waxblocks rodenticides to help meet the diverse rodent control needs. Talon®Pellet is highly effective in dry conditions, while Talon®Waxblocks are more durable and work well in damp environments. For quick, precise applications, you’ll want to use the paste-like formulation of Talon®Soft. Talon®Glow allows for tracking of the consumed bait, and Talon®M is an excellent competitive option with the grains on farms. All these solutions:

  • Attract rodents with a highly palatable formulation
  • Control all anticoagulant-resistant rodents
  • Require less bait than most rodenticides

Livestock animals that are pest-free are healthier and more productive, saving customers time and money. By taking the right hygiene and control steps, you can implement an IPM strategy on farm accounts to efficiently eliminate fly and rodent populations. For more information, contact your country business manager.

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