Outcast® Ant Bait Station now available in the UK

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  • Ready to use bait station 

  • Highly attractive to key ant species 

  • Effective ant colony control 

  • Pre-filled with proven ant gel bait 

  • Revolutionary mode of action 


Outcast Ant Bait Station is a new self-contained ready to use delivery system providing professional pest controllers and households with a simple, clean and effective ant control solution.  

The simple to use bait station is instantly activated, by tearing off a tab and squeezing the gel into the bait compartment.  

Strategically placed in areas of problem ant activity, the highly attractive ant control bait remains contained within the station, where ants will readily feed. The gel bait stays moist and attractive to ant feeding – helping to achieve effective control of colonies.   

When ant activity ceases, the Outcast Ant Bait Station is simply picked up and disposed of – with no mess to clear up and no bait left on the site. 

Now, professional pest controllers can use both Advion® Ant Gel and Outcast Ant Bait Station to undertake a full ant control programme in homes and businesses. They can also then leave behind Outcast Ant as a follow up treatment to be used by customers where required. 

Outcast Ant is supplied as a pack of three bait stations, each containing four grammes of gel bait. 

How to use Outcast Ant Bait Station

Attractive bait 

Key to the efficacy of Outcast Ant Bait Station is the indoxocarb ant gel. This highly attractive bait encourages worker ant feeding activity, which then carry the bait back to the colony nest. In the nest, the bait is quickly passed to other ants, the colony queen and larvae, to give control of colonies.  

Furthermore, Outcast Ant Bait Station is highly specific to target pests. It only becomes lethal once ingested, by specific enzymes naturally occurring in the ant’s gut – a process of bio-activation. Pets and non-target organisms do not have the specific gut enzyme, and would therefore be unaffected by the bait.   

In lab trials results have consistently shown effective control of colonies, including all workers and queen ants in the nest, within six days of introducing Outcast Ant Bait Station. In a full-sized house room situation with alternative food sources available, the attractiveness of Outcast Ant, placed away from the nest, still achieved complete control in as little as 10 days.   

Targeted bait points 

Outcast Ant Bait Station is highly effective against most common species of ants causing nuisance to homes and businesses in the UK, including the black garden ant (Lasius niger). Trials have also shown efficacy of the bait on Argentine ants (Linepithema humile), ghost ants (Tapinoma melanocephalum), and the increasingly challenging super colonies of invasive garden ants (Lasius neglectus).  

Outcast Ant Bait Station can be used both indoors and outdoors around buildings. Suitable baiting points are best directed by professional pest controllers, as part of an overall ant control strategy for homes and businesses. Full instructions for use are provided as part of the packaging. 

Outcast Ant Bait Station is available to professional pest controllers direct from Syngenta distributors, Killgerm and 1env, or other pest supplies retailers.  The launch of Outcast Ant Bait Station offer another value added opportunity for professional pest controllers - to help to ensure complete customer satisfaction for their ant control solutions.

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