A’maize’ing control of rodents with Talon®M

News (United Kingdom)

A new highly palatable kibbled maize addition to the well-proven Talon range of resistance breaking rodenticides.

Field and lab trials against rats and mice have shown the superior efficacy of Talon M, compared to other rodenticides tested, reported Syngenta’s UK Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot. Crucially, for both rats and mice, Talon M proved more attractive and significantly more palatable than their existing diets. 

“In field trials, Talon M successively achieved 100% control of rats, whilst in mice it showed an extremely high 90 to 93% efficacy,” he said.  In lab trials the product always resulted in 100% mortality with both species.

With the new 25ppm inclusion of brodifacoum, Talon M proved equally effective even where mice were known to be resistant against other first and second generation rodenticides.

Daniel Lightfoot highlighted that with Talon M it takes just 10 to 15% of a rodent’s daily feed intake to consume a lethal dose, which typically occurs with one feed for rats and a single night visitations for mice.

“The greater efficacy of Talon M achieves higher levels of control from a reduced amount of bait used,” he reported. “Lower quantities of bait minimises exposure to non-target organisms, involves less product to transport and reduced product cost to complete control – making it a first choice product for PCOs.”

Talon M will be available in the UK solely for professional use, in a convenient five kilo tub.

Find out more at PestTech 2019, on Syngenta stand A4.