Are all microcaps the same?

Global Communications

By ElRay Roper, Senior Technical Representative,

Syngenta Professional Pest Management


The answer is no.

Microencapsulated products use different formulations and the quality of microcaps can vary.

This jeopardizes the effectiveness of the formulation and ultimately the results you will be able to provide to your customers.

Rely on the Proven Performance of Demand CS and Tandem

With so many products to choose from, you can rely on Demand® CS  and Tandem® insecticides from Syngenta Professional Pest Management
For more than two decades, Syngenta has been a leader in microencapsulation technology and offers products formulated with iCAP technology to provide long-lasting control that will stand out against the competition.

Dual-walled construction protects the active ingredient

The dual-walled construction of iCAP technology does more than demonstrate the industry-leading innovation of Syngenta. iCAP technology protects the active ingredients from harsh environmental conditions so it remains on treated surfaces for longer.
This increases the likelihood the microcaps will be picked up by targeted insects and increases the level of control.

Microcaps of multiple sizes provide immediate and residual control

iCAP technology features microcaps of multiple sizes, which provide a controlled release of the active ingredient.
Products featuring iCAP technology are engineered so smaller microcaps release quickly for immediate control and larger microcaps remain on the surface and will release later for extended control. Conversely, competitive microcaps of uniform sizes release their active ingredient quickly, resulting in less residual control over time.

10,000 microcaps means more insect exposure

With a single treatment of Demand® CS  or Tandem®, as many as 10,000 microcaps are released per square inch of coverage. This gives you the confidence that insects that cross a treated barrier will likely pick up the microcaps and carry it to others which helps to ensure comprehensive insect control.

Fewer call backs with four months of residual control

Powered by the innovation of iCAP technology, Demand® CS  and Tandem® can provide up to four months of residual control, which means fewer call backs and increased customer satisfaction.

Demand® CS  and  Tandem®  vs. the competition

An analysis of competitive microcap products versus iCAP technology from Syngenta reveals several key differences. When competitive microcaps were subjected to high temperatures and pressures, they often ruptured, distended or rapidly released their active ingredient. When subjected to the same conditions, Syngenta microcaps retained their integrity and released the active ingredient steadily over time to ensure longer residual control. (Tennessee Tech University, 2011)