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Advanced, long-lasting treatment for indoor residual spraying

For the first time, micro-encapsulation technology has been deployed to achieve new standards of safety and performance in the residual control of mosquitoes and public health pests. Icon®CS is a technically advanced micro-encapsulated formulation of lambda-cyhalothrin. It has been specifically designed for use in indoor residual spraying (IRS) and provides more than nine months’ control of mosquitoes and other public health pests.

Key Features

  • Highly effective against malaria mosquitoes and other public health pests
  • Long-lasting residual control for at least nine months on many surfaces
  • Proven performance in IRS programs
  • Recommended by the World Health Organization


Key Benefits

  • Outstanding immediate and residual pest control for uninterrupted peace of mind
  • Patented unit dose sachets: no measuring, accurate dosing, easy use
  • Less labor, less product


Labels and MSDS

  Label MSDS
Central and Eastern Europe   View MSDS 1
Cyprus  View Label 1 View MSDS 1
Greece View Label 1 | View Label 2 View MSDS 1
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Middle East View Label 1 | View Label 2 View MSDS 1
Turkey View Label 1 View MSDS 1


Product Leaflet

 Icon 2.5 CS Product Leaflet - Greek
 Icon 10 CS Product Leaflet - English
 Icon 10 CS Product Leaflet - French
 Icon 10 CS Product Leaflet - Portuguese
 Icon 10 CS Product Leaflet - Turkish