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Talon® Soft

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Cost-effective, easy to apply rodent control

Talon® Soft is available in a 300g tube and is a paste-like formulation delivered via a standard caulking gun. This allows quick, precise application and greatly reduces the time needed to clean out partly-consumed bait from the bait point. It remains palatable in a variety of temperatures and environments and is ideal for sensitive areas, such as food processing or storage areas.

Key Features

  • Paste formulation powered by brodifacoum
  • Single-feed rodenticide
  • Effective against resistant rats and mice
  • Extremely palatable to rodents

Key Benefits

  • Resistance breaker: proven control of resistant rodents
  • Reliable: only a single feed is required to kill all rats and mice
  • Single feed reduces exposure, labor and cost
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Light to carry


Labels and MSDS

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Product Leaflet

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Product Advertising

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